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Does your driveway or patio look unattractive and tired?

Driveway Patio

If your driveway/patio looks unattractive and tired, then why not transform it into an attractive feature of your property, therefore adding value and appeal! This transformation was achieved very simply and cost effectively, by using what is known as the “TDS Resin Bonded System”.

A quick, and easy method, of transforming old paths and driveways, to become as new with aggregate bonded resin. The TDS epoxy resin mix is spread over the old concrete and the aggregate broadcast on top. The excess aggregate is brushed off after the resin has hardened, usually in one day. The resin may be applied “Even on wet surfaces”.

This offers a great finish, that is durable and maintenance free. It restricts weed growth, is non-slip and UV resistant.

You may choose your own aggregate colour from a large range of aggregates, to enhance your property and personal choice. Please see our website for available colours.                        

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