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Outdoor Lighting


in-lite Driveway & Garden Lighting

Without light, we cannnot see the world we live in. Light is essential, indoors and outdoors. Light can be practical and makes us feel safer. We are more confortable where there is light, for example in well-lit streets, pavements and cycle paths.

The ambiance that light brings is also important to many people. Pleasant summer evenings spent in the garden or on the terrace with family or friends become even more special when the lighting is right. In other words: light completes the picture. At in-lite, the effect of light is a primary concern; your garden lighting needs should transcend the aesthetics of the fixture. We feel it is important to first choose which areas you want to illuminate, decide how to illuminate them and then select from our collection.

in-lite has divided light into different ‘sizes': Small, Medium and Large. With small light you can outline a terrace or a border, whilst large light is ideal for illuminating a tree or an exterior wall. Using ‘in-lite’, selecting the right fixtures and achieving the best results becomes easy.



Small light is used when low light intensity is required, with a maximum reach of 1.5m. Fixtures with small light are available in the intergrated, solitary and wall groups. These are suitable for marking horizontal outdoor surfaces such as paths, driveways terraces or pond edges and vertical surfaces such as borders, low walls steps, sunken seating areas or fences.


If you require a slightly higher light intensity, use medium light. Medium light has a reach of 1.5 – 3m, with fixtures available in the intergrated, solitary, wall spot groups. Use them to illuminate objects such as statues, shrubs, small trees, garden walls and fences.


Large light has a minimum reach of 3m and is used when you require high light intensity. Fixtures with large light are available in the integrated and spot groups. These fixtures are suitable for lighting facades, large statues, shrubs or trees.


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