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Want to transform your old concrete paths, patios, and pool surrounds?

How To... Path Patio Pool

Fantastic looking results can be achieved, as below, in transforming dull concrete paths, driveways, patios and paths, to an attractive and practical addition to your property.

To achieve the above is both easy and economical, and can be achieved by your average DIY enthusiast. How? By using the TDS Epoxy Resin Bound System, this is how it works.

Mix the chosen aggregate with the TDS Epoxy resin in a mixer, this ensures that each particle is coated with a thin film of resin. Then trowel down onto the pathway, drive, or patio. Apply the aggregate to a thickness of 12-18 mm, depending on the size of aggregate chosen. This method may be used “Even on wet surfaces”.

The benefits of using this system are as follows. A beautiful, durable, maintenance free finish is obtained, with the added strength of epoxy resin. The surface is non-slip, UV resistant, and weed growth is restricted.

A large range of aggregate colours are available.

This method may be used as part of, a “SUDS” compliant system.

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