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Diamond blades


Spectrum Diamond Blade Range

Our reputation guarantees diamond blades of high quality and endurance

Spectrum is the leading brand of diamond tools from the OX Group UK, a privately owned company with an ethos of close co-operation with our customer base to provide specific diamond solutions.

With headquarters in London UK and global offices in USA, Australia, France and Holland we benefit from brand recognition worldwide.

From diamond blades and diamond core drills to tile drilling or wet core drilling, these products epitomise the ethos of Spectrum; to provide the right product at the right price – and to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Innovating Diamond Tools for nearly two decades

We don’t produce diamond tools like anyone else.

With our 18 years experience, and product and marketing innovation, we deliver ingenious design solutions to meet ever-evolving customer requirements.

Our first-class award-winning diamond tools are produced in some of the world’s most technically advanced laboratories and factories, guaranteeing the highest manufacturing quality.

With our highly motivated sales team and whatever it takes attitude, we are well known in the industry for our customer for life culture.

No 1 for Diamond core drills and blades

The brand has revolutionized the market with its innovative and exciting products, providing the solutions you need at every level of performance and price.

From the wide expanse of Spectrum diamond products comes the nucleus, the heart of the range. For these are the diamond blades and core drills that provide the foundation of Spectrum – they are the day to day necessities, the tools that tradesmen have come to rely on.

From the long established TX10R to the innovative new BZX core drill, these are the products that sell, because they meet the requirements and need – because we have created a product which is both useful and desirable.

When only the best will do; Spectrum says it all.

the proof is in the cut.

Product Guarantees and Safety

The concept of safety is fundamental to the philosophy of the Spectrum range. It is interwoven into the very fibre of innovation, design and production from concept to after sales service.

  • ISO 9001:2000

    OX Group UK systems have been fully certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2000 Since 1996.

  • EN13236

    Blades conform with European and UK?standards.

  • Full ‘No Quibble’ Guarantee

    All Spectrum products are backed by our full ‘No quibble’ guarantee – Ensuring confidence of distributors and their customers.

  • Diamond Innovation

    Ongoing development provides increased performance on existingproducts, and innovative new diamond solutions.

  • Safety Instructions

    Products undergo rigorous safety and vibration testing at our research & development facility, and in the field.

  • Professional Builders Award

    Professional builders coveted ‘Top Product’ Award was won by the Spectrum TX10R superiordiamond blade in 2006.

  • Ultimate Guarantee

    Ultimate products undergo extreme testing ? the ZX15 Zenith undergoes factory testing +80% more demanding than the requirements of EN13236.

  • Hand/Arm Vibration

    Spectrum products were amongthe first to be tested and certified safe for hand/arm vibration.

  • OSA

    Certified safe by OSA: the Organisation for the Safety of Abrasives.

  • Extra Safe

    Our safety policy is an integral part of our company ethos with policies incorporating ISO18001.

  • Environmental

    Showing that we care: Manufacturing operations accredited to ISO 14001environmental systems.

  • Staff

    Staff safety and care is no afterthought. Our personal and individual approach is reflected in our attitude to customers and staff alike.

We have a responsibility. Quality control systems and environmental and safety management ensure that our care covers not only our products and our customers – but that our ethical guidelines address issues such as staff safety and care for the environment.

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