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Orit Brick / Block Transport Cart

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This cart securely grips and transports all types of blocks, kerb stones, slabs and similar products, picking them up either from the ground or from pallets. - Adjustable jaws from 530 mm to 920 mm, or 1250 mm with the extension, (extension sold separately).

When using the Block Transport Cart, with the gripper jaws adjusted to suit the load’s width, position the barrow against the load with the barrow upright. Turn the clamp lever 90º anti-clockwise to grip the sides of the load. Check the load is securely held, then tilt the barrow back and move the load to the work area. Note that this unit can exert a gripping force of up to 15kg, enough to crush soft blocks. Make sure that the unit is adjusted to suit the type of material being moved.
Once at the work place, tilt the barrow upright again and turn the clamp lever 90º clockwise to release the load. You can, if you wish, leave the load on the barrow and remove a brick or block at a time. Their new colour range is now yellow.


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